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Stress Relieving Equipments


75 KVA Power Source


Premier Instruments, Low voltage power source / Heating Module for Preheating and PWHT is renowned for its reliability, safety, compactability, quality engineering and cost effectiveness.

Our products are designed with a field experience of more than 30 years to make it idle for the heatreatment solutions in the petroleum Refinaries, Power plants, Ports, Fabrication and Construction industry etc. This products are suitable for the ONSITE regular heatreatment and Shutdown maintenance sites for PREHEAT and POSTWELD heatreatment applications.

This unit is designed with Quality switch gears to use to its maximum capacity, Onsite maintenance is very easy and spares available globally. We provide Optional custom built unit with a combination of outputs. The unit is Available in 25KVA, 50KVA, 65KVA, 75KVA and 100KVA models. Find the Specification of a 75KVA Low voltage power source specifications which is used widely.

Transformer :Three phase, forced air cooled, class H, CRGO core Primary winding connected in Delta Secondary winding connected in Star Primary voltage-380V, 415V, 440V ( 106A, 97A, 92A ) Frequency – 50 Hz Core over temperature sensors linked safety controller Secondary Voltage-60V and 80V ( Optional – 32V and 42V )
Controls:Six Microprocessor base Digital PID controllers Sixteen Steps RAMP / SOAK / COOL options. Temperature range upto 1200°C, Res – 1°C Six Energy regulators for manual control. Selector switch for auto manual selection and external control. Connector for external control unit is optional. Panel indicators to show heater / Power ON. Three phase 125A circuit breaker Safety controller to protect transformer over heat.Safety controller controls shunt trip coil ( optional )Power sockets – 2 Nos ( 220 V AC Supply )
Diamentions:MS powder coated Robust housing mounted on 150mm wheels. Weight – 475 Kgs Approx 850 ( H ) X 900 ( D ) X 650 ( W ) in mm Door to protect the control instruments during transit. Handelling through Fork lift recommended ( I Bolt Available )
External Control( Optional ):Six point External Control module Seven pin connector to connect to main unit. Ramp / soak with four steps.


Temperature Recorder

12 channel CHINO make recorder
Power 230 V AC, Fanfold charts
Working range 0 – 1200°C

Thermocouple Attachment unit

Power or Battery operated
Easy to use / Portable
Very compact design

Feeder and Return Cables

Triple cable set
HOFR cables of 25mtrs
With camlocks and thermocouple connectors

Camlocks and connectors

300 amps male and female camlocks
60 amps male and female camlocks
Thermocouple connectors panel and field mounting

Thermocouple wire

“K” Type thermocouples spool wire type
Mineral insulated thermocouples ( tubular stainless steel sheeted )
Working range upto 1050°C


Single pole solenoid contactors- 200 amps
Three / Fore pole contactors – 200 amps
Connecting strips for contactors

Ceramic beeds

Main body beed
Male and Female end beeds
Main body beeds with hole
Tail beeds

Heating Elements ( 80 / 20 Nicrome wires and nickel cold tail )

19 strands 80/20 core wires
19 strands 60/16 corewire
19 strands 212 nickle cold tail wire

Premier Instruments is one of the leading suppliers of stressreleaving equipments in India with a long experience of more than 30 years in the field of process instruments, measurement and calibration.We supply Temperature recorders, Thermocouples, RTDs, chartpapers, pens and ribbons, control panels,..

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