Furnace and oven Calibration Services

Temperature Uniformity Survey, System Accuracy Test and More

Furnace and oven calibration is imperative for ensuring accurate and consistent production and energy efficiency for manufacturers, heat treaters and other businesses that rely on their output in daily operations. A complete furnace calibration is generally performed to calibrate oven temperature and verify the devices that control and monitor oven temperature. A temperature uniformity survey, system accuracy test and temperature controller calibration are typically performed during oven and furnace calibration.

Oven calibration is a necessity for heat treatment suppliers to the industry. Pyrometry requirements as per specification AMS 2750E mandate the calibration process for temperature sensors, instrumentation, thermal processing equipment, system accuracy tests and temperature uniformity surveys for ovens and furnaces used in the industries, aerospace and commercial heat treating industries. Our furnace calibration service will meet specification requirements for heat treaters and laboratories pursuing all third party inspections like E.I.L, N.P.C.I.L, T.U.V, D.N.V, I.B.R, LLOYDS REGISTRAR, P.D.I.L, ISO 9000, ISO 14000 ETC….

Premier instruments, technicians are qualified to perform a temperature uniformity survey on many types of furnaces and ovens, including curing and drying ovens, batch furnaces and continious furnaces. We follow national and international standards like API 6A, ASTM991, AMS 2750, NORSOK OR ANY OTHER STANDARDS of your choice. We also calibrate temperature controllers and readouts for any application.

Premier instruments, is an N.A.B.L ACCRIDITATED LABORATORY to calibrate furnaces and ovens ATSITE from 50°C to 1200°C.

The Furnace calibration and Instrumentation Processes

During a temperature uniformity survey, the field technician will calibrate your furnace or oven to verify temperature consistency throughout the furnace or oven. Thermocouples are arranged in specific locations within the furnace and a temperature reading from each probe is charted over time to confirm consistency.

Most ovens and furnaces have their own temperature probe or thermometer to monitor and display the internal temperature. A system accuracy test will verify that the thermometer is displaying the furnace temperature accurately.

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