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Stress Relieving Equipments


Thermocouple Attachment Unit


Premier Instruments, Thermocouple attachment unit used to attach the thermocouple elements to the Job / Workpiece, used for heatreatment applivations, Preheating and PWHT is renowned for its reliability, safety, compactability, quality engineering and cost effectiveness.Our products are designed with a field experience of more than 30 years to make it idle for the heatreatment solutions. This product is suitable for the ONSITE regular heatreatment and Shutdown maintenance sites for PREHEAT and POSTWELD heatreatment applications.


Thermocouple Attachment Unit (TAU) helps eliminate the risk of expensive rework by enabling accurate temperature control and recording, and reducing the risk of thermocouples breaking off¬ during the heat treatment process. The TAU can also be used to attach thermocouples for many other temperature monitoring applications that require reliable temperature measurement. Thermocouple Attachment Units require only one hand to operate which can be an important safety feature when working at elevated levels or inaccessible locations. Our Thermocouple Attachment Unit Direct attachment of thermocouples to the work-piece by the ‘capacitive discharge method’, has long been established as the preferred industry standard method of attaining accurate temperature measurement of the work-piece being heat-treated or monitored. Thermocouple Attachment Unit utilises this method to attach various gauges of thermocouple wire to the work piece. Battery or mains operated; • Available for use with 230 V battery recharging supplies.

Ease of operation and maintenance
Can be operated by one person
Simple to operate
No welding skills required
Light weight and portable
Indicating lights show unit charge status
Technical specifications

Power consumptions: 5 VA
Discharge voltage:50 to 85 volts dc
Indications:Charge and discharge indications
Size:200 x 160 x 120mm
Weight :4.5 KGS

Premier Instruments is one of the leading suppliers of stressreleaving equipments in India with a long experience of more than 30 years in the field of process instruments, measurement and calibration.We supply Temperature recorders, Thermocouples, RTDs, chartpapers, pens and ribbons, control panels,..

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